“we put the pedal to the product.” TM.

About Us: 

AutoRep Sales Company, Inc. was formed in October 2009 as a Manufacturer’s Rep Agency calling on and selling to the performance automotive aftermarket and OEM’s in the Great Lakes area of the United States. With over 30 years experience representing some of the top manufacturers in the industry, AutoRep has a very strong understanding of the performance and accessory business from a product sales and marketing viewpoint, and a thorough knowledge of distribution from wholesale distributors, engine builders, mail order companies, retailers, and OEM’s.

Our philosophy is simple; namely to help our manufacturers and customers grow their business and maximize their profits through an understanding of the product and performance market as a result of long term relationships and associations.

Our Services: 

  • Constant interaction and personal visits to accounts including merchandising, purchasing, and advertising departments and personnel to drive sales.
  • Assistance at client shows and events to promote and sell products.
  • Retail store and display management for increased POS sales.
  • Personnel training and new product introduction for maximum product exposure.
  • Sales reporting and trend analysis for sales opportunities and competitive threats.
  • Warranty inspection and in-field inventory assistance to identify and correct any product related issues.
  • Market research and new product suggestions and development for future sales.
  • Event staffing at trade and consumer events in the area for wholesale and retail referrals (Goodguys, AutoFest, AutoRama, Back to the Bricks, etc.)
  • Order placement and follow through.
  • Data management and implementation.

AutoRep Sales is a Current member of SEMA and PWA,
and a past member of the SEMA Scholarship Committee (10 years).